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How to Revamp Your Pad or Dorm Room to Get Laid Often – 5 Top Tips


In this short article, I will provide you 5 five most useful tips to setup or redo your pad or dorm room that will get you laid in no time. …

Explore Your Wild and Adventurous Side!


Has the same old sex routine, repeated day after day and done to death, started getting to you? Lack of innovation can make bedroom a pretty boring place as there are only few pleasures one can derive there. Limiting yourself to handful of methods is guaranteed to set the boredom in sooner or later. It just can’t be about spooning, missionary or doggy style every time! There comes a time …

3 Most Important Points to Go Anal Without Being Anal!


Vaginas are normally used to different things shoved in and out of them – ranging from vibrators, tampons, penises, dildos etc., but the rear end doesn’t normally witness such kind of incoming traffic. Another major difference between the two is that vaginas have the natural ability to lubricate, whereas the rear ends don’t; in addition, while vaginas are elastic in nature, anus is not so much.Many of the beautiful girls …

Foot, Shoe and Hand Fetish


I love woman and everything about them – including their feet

So this brings me to wonder what exactly is a foot or hand fetish – after a little research I discovered that sexual or erotic fetishism is described as the sexual arousal received by a person from a specific situation or object and can be an element of enhancement to a sexual relationship.  A common fetish among men is …