Monthly archives: March, 2014

Mojo Stimulator Review

cv-1811940004I received my Mojo Stimulator as a gag gift; one of my current flings who had to leave town for a few months to take care of her mother and because of my job I was only able to go visit her once a month (little did she know I had a reservoir of girls to take her place).…

Naughty Kinky Ideas to Re-Ignite Your Bedroom Life!

intimate-couple-in-the-bedroomI was talking to my friend who was complaining about how the sex life between him and his girlfriend has gone really downhill. He came to me for some guy to guy advice – which inspired me to write a post and share my thoughts.…

Girls….Be Yourself around older men.

01-spanking-cosmo-301111-8271510So when I was a freshmen in high-school I really liked this petite, blonde cheerleader who was my age, 15.  I asked her to the home coming dance in a really creative way that was like “Hey.. um .. like.. so, you know there is a homecoming dance right?”

Pipe Dream Extreme Glow in the Dark Ladies of the Night Fuck Hole Review

cv-1816550000Sometimes being a single male-  you have no energy to go out on a Saturday night and chase some tail. I recently discovered the Pipe Dream Extreme Glow in the Dark Ladies of the Night Fuck Hole which will entitle you to her heart-shaped pussy, which will be ready, out and waiting for you in the dark – you don’t even have to buy her a drink before hand.