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Live at Montreux


Eagle Records are delighted to announce the release of the “Live At Montreux 1980” album [Cat No. EAGCD452] from Rockpile on 22 August 2011. This release is part of a batch of high profile Montreux audio releases for summer 2011. “Live At Montreux 1980” is the only live Rockpile album ever released and includes the hit singles “I Knew The Bride”, “Queen Of Hearts”, …

Places You Can’t Go Wrong With When You Desperately Want to Pick Up Women

angels-victorias-secret-angels-27686994-800-562Well, I’m a dating expert of sorts and I often get to hear the question, “Which are the most ideal places to pick up women?!” My answer has always been – Look around, the best places to pick up women are just about everywhere!…

Common Mistakes Men Make While Trying to Pick up Women

Chicago-DatingGirls are complicated creatures and picking them up is no easy task – the precise reason why many guys end up making critical mistakes while trying their luck with them. In this short article I will acquaint you with mistakes guys often make while trying to pick up women and how they can stop making these mistakes.

List of the worst pickup lines … ever!

The first mistake commonly made …