downloadMy girlfriend loves a good massage, and I love to give them to her, especially rubbing her shoulders and back. She always loves it, and I look like a selfless guy willing to do something just to make her feel better, though actually I am sure she has guessed by now that I pretty much always have an ulterior motive.

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For her birthday I wanted to get her something that would make her massages something extra special, something to show her that I was thinking about her, and not just how I like to get my hands on her. A friend recommended this Heavenly Nights Massage Sample Bag (4 types) so I went online to local shop and ordered it.

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She was quite surprised to open up this little bag of treats, and certainly anxious to try out each one. We have found a particular preference for the Bewitching oil, but had a lot of fun with the Desire, Passion, and Seduction ones as well. Each one of these oils smells incredible, and best of all don’t leave me smelling like a perfumery or a florist. We also find that they’re not greasy feeling, they are actually quite slick and clean up really easily.

She’ll really loved that I got a gift for her that showed I knew what she liked, and was something that would let us be intimate together. Am I ever glad I didn’t decide to get her an extra large butt plug instead!