Chicago-DatingGirls are complicated creatures and picking them up is no easy task – the precise reason why many guys end up making critical mistakes while trying their luck with them. In this short article I will acquaint you with mistakes guys often make while trying to pick up women and how they can stop making these mistakes.

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The first mistake commonly made by most guys is acting with lack of confidence. Whenever you approach a woman, the first thing she’ll notice about you is whether you’re confident enough or not. Hence, ensure that you work on your walk, talk and presentation skills before going ahead and making that first move.

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Another common mistake made by men while trying to pick up women is thinking too much about the outcome. Stop asking yourself all those silly questions and thinking endlessly about the possible outcomes. They’ll take you nowhere and only end up in making the whole task even more difficult.

Rather than asking yourself all sorts of questions, I recommend that you just go for it without thinking about what may happen. Once you go up to her and give it a reasonable shot, you would have already won half the battle. The courageous act in itself is going to increase your chances tremendously. Always remember, not everyone has the balls to go up to a random girl with the hope of picking her up.

Never get discouraged by rejections. If you become fearful of rejections, you are never going to put in efforts to win yourself that first date. Treat rejections as stepping stones towards success.