angels-victorias-secret-angels-27686994-800-562So, you were recently dumped by your long-time girlfriend?! No need to hang your head in shame and depression. How would you meet the right girl if you don’t learn from these experiences? We need to keep dating and trying hard, in order to find that special girl with whom we can spend the rest of our life.

Throw yourself back into the dating game and start your quest all over again. The first thing you must do is try meeting new people. Internet is overflowing with websites offering tremendous possibilities of getting acquainted with new women.

Join some website which focuses on your special interests and can get you connected to girls with whom you can share something in common. Finding the right women to date is not at all an expensive affair nowadays. There are many free of cost dating websites also. Following are some important rules you must keep in mind after you join any such dating website:

  • Always use an up-to-date profile picture. There is no point putting up a profile photo which is five or six years old.
  • Avoid offering any private information on such websites, like your place of work, address etc. You wouldn’t want strangers to get hold of such confidential information. All you must provide is your first name so that you can be easily identified.
  •  Provide your mobile phone number only immediately before setting up a meeting with your date. Stay cautious as there are several women who refrain from providing their mobile numbers as they are already in steady relationships.
  • Your first meeting should always be in some public place. A bar may not be the right kind of place to meet up for the first time as alcohol may have an adverse effect on both of you. A coffee shop is a good alternative.
  • The first time you have sex blow her mind. Give her an orgasm that will make all the other men in her life seem insignificant.