cv-1427920001 (1)An old flame and I recently went on vacation and when we returned I discovered that I’d left my Medisil Magic Touch Massager at our resort.

I was so disappointed; I frequently travel for work and always take my vibrator along with me – for my own pleasure and the pleasure of any chick I may happen to pick up.

I’ve tried many vibrators in the past but the Magic Touch is my favourite by far. I knew I had no choice but to replace it. When I logged onto my favourite toy site to place my order the Mini Wanachi caught my eye. It looks like a smaller, cordless version of the Magic Touch at a fraction of the price.

I decided to order one, along with my new Magic Touch. I planned on taking the Mini Wanachi on trips so I could leave my more expensive Magic Touch safe at home. If I’d have realized how powerful this little vibrator is I wouldn’t have spent so much money on the new Magic Touch!

The Mini Wanachi is waterproof, cordless and incredibly light weight; all features lacking from my more expensive model. I anticipated a little less power from the battery operated toy but I was wrong! Not only is it powerful, but it also has NINE functions and multiple speeds – which the ladies in my life loooove.

There are so many ways to climax with this toy – for both women and men! Plus, it’s discrete enough for me to pack in my carryon bag without embarrassing myself at the security checks; when stopped I just explain that it’s a portable neck massager and no one is the wiser!