angels-victorias-secret-angels-27686994-800-562Well, I’m a dating expert of sorts and I often get to hear the question, “Which are the most ideal places to pick up women?!” My answer has always been – Look around, the best places to pick up women are just about everywhere!

All you need to do is practice your skills and you can pick up women even at the funerals! To tell you the truth, I have a friend who actually does that. Now, this isn’t for everyone and I don’t mean that I approve of it completely. But, what I want to tell you is that you should keep your mind open to all sorts of possibilities.

Clubs and bars are easily the most obvious places to pick up women, simply because women are more receptive under the influence of alcohol and great music. Those two make a deadly combination to get them in the right mood. However, these places have certain drawbacks too, primarily in the form of competition. But honestly if you’re confident about your abilities and know your art pretty well, competition will never be a problem. Most men who try picking up women at bars and clubs have no clue about what they’re doing.

Some other good places to pick up women are:

Malls and grocery stores – These are my personal favourites as they are full of good looking women who are waiting to be approached.

Social events – Striking up a conversation is never difficult at social events.

Church – No harm in trying to pick up women at church as long as your religious sentiments don’t get hurt.

Coffee shops – Coffee shops are one of the best places to strike a conversation.