shutterstock-sex-coupleHave you ever wondered if there are really any particular best methods of picking up women? Often guys find girls they so desperately want to go up to and initiate a conversation with, but their fear holds them back. There are some important things you must be aware of before making your first move.

You need to acquaint yourself with some important things which girls like and dislike in general. Although, no two girls are same, but there are some universal rules which are applicable in all situations.
First and foremost, always act with confidence. Even if you’re slightly under confident, the girl will be able to figure it out right away. In order to act confidently, you should first be comfortable with your own self. Your comfort level with your own self is going to project an image which girls easily get attracted to.

In case you feel under confident or insecure about your body, there are many methods of getting into shape, such as changing your diet, exercising regularly etc. Furthermore, there is no point continuing to feel dissatisfied with your looks and not taking any action. Just by working on things which hamper your confidence level can go a long way in helping you pick up girls, go on dates, get phone numbers and more.

Another simple exercise which can help building your self-confidence is standing in front of mirror and repeating some key phrases to yourself. I know this sounds crazy. But it definitely helps in boosting self-confidence. Try it and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

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