ss-1000000136Much like most guys, I enjoy masturbating. I have been doing it as long as I can recall, and I’m going to be doing it as long as I am able to. However that does not suggest that it needs to be the exact same each and every time, and to be truthful I had been getting somewhat tired with the same old routine. I had considered trying a stroker to help make masturbating more stimulating before, but had always found a reason to wait.

Nonetheless, it looked like it could be a good option, and after seeing some Tenga strokers featured in a magazine I made the decision to try it out. Even though I was curious about the Tenga Egg Variety Pack (6 In 1), they were non-reusable, and I needed something I could play with much more than six times. So I decided on the Tenga Flip Hole Silver and am quite satisfied. In addition, I picked out a Tenga Hole Warmer and some Tenga Hole Lotion Real to use along with it.

It’s simple to play with and it feels intense. To prepare the Tenga Flip Hole I open up the top and insert the Tenga Hole Warmer that I have previously heated up in a bowl of hot tap water. After a couple of minutes, I remove it, distribute some of the Hole Lotion, and shut the top and it is ready to enjoy. I simply slide inside and push the button and its vacuum sucking action performs all the work for me. It feels natural since it is heated and is loaded with lubricant making it feel perfect, and almost better than the real thing.

I purchased my toys from an online sex shop and had them discreetly delivered to my door. Also for the Tenga range.