1404-gnd-artLook bud, if you’ve been dying to lay a young woman, then you qualify for being categorised as a true red-blooded human male. That’s nothing to feel guilty about, it’s actually quite natural. It is in our genes, so there’s no need to fight your own manhood!

Nevertheless, it remains a fact that dating younger women can be quite challenging, especially if the age difference is considerable.

However, do not fret, I have carried out some research on this topic and would love to help. In this short article I will acquaint you with 2 important tips which you can use to seduce younger women easily.

Picking up women who are out of your league

These common tips are:
1. Tickle her funny bone – Always keep in mind that young women are full of life and want to have a good time. They love partying like there’s no tomorrow. Business, serious matters and work are something which are last on their list of priorities. Furthermore, they are not laid back or relaxed like old women. So, how do you go about luring them?! The trick lies in being funny. Try tickling their funny bone and show your readiness for just about anything!

2. Show her your experience – A major advantage of being mature and older than the woman you are dating is that she’d perceive you to be quite skilful when it comes to performance in bed. All you need to do is fire up her imagination and she will bare herself open for you to display your skills.